UpliftEd Aid Application (Due September 1st - 30th)

UPLIFTED AID APPLICATION (Submit September 1st through 30th. A recent tax return is required.) UpliftEd is an emerging nonprofit created to promote community support and retention of high-quality educators in Tulsa Public Schools. UpliftEd partners with the community to offer aid and gifts to Qualifying Teachers throughout the year. UpliftEd is not obligated to provide aid or gifts to Qualifying Teachers, but will solicit and disperse as much aid as we’re able. Please fill out this application to determine if you are eligible to receive aid from UpliftEd. Your identity will be held in strict confidentiality and your information will be used only for the purposes of selecting Qualifying Teachers, helping UpliftEd know how to continue to help teachers, and producing marketing material. We'll respond to your application by email in October. Thank you!

10. Which of the following expenses place a burden on your financial well-being? Check all that apply.

11. Do you receive government assistance? Check all that apply.

12. Have you had to consider any of the following options to improve your financial circumstances? (Check all that apply.)

15. Did you use any of your personal funds for classroom supplies last school year?

17. If you’re selected to be part of our Apple Tree Program in November, we’ll publish up to 2 anonymous requests from you that can be fulfilled by donors. (Ex. Home expenses/items, Auto expenses, Medical/Dental expenses, Christmas gifts, etc.) See upliftedschools.org/give. Would you like to submit requests now?

To your knowledge, do you have any relation (business or familial) to any employee, board member, or volunteer at UpliftEd?